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At the forefront of cutting-edge technology, our Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions empower businesses across various industries to enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and drive innovation. Discover the transformative potential of our AI offerings

Chat GPT Integration


Akoni is your trusted partner in the world of Chat GPT integration, where artificial intelligence meets seamless human interaction. Our seasoned team of developers, AI specialists, and UX designers excels in harnessing the power of Chat GPT to create chatbots that redefine customer engagement and automation.

Integration with ServiceNow

Elevate ServiceNow with Akoni's ChatGPT Integration, An Efficient service desk operation, 24/7 support, streamlined workflows.

Integration with Salesforce

Elevate ServiceNow with Akoni's Salesforce Integration, seamlessly connect service management with Salesforce for efficient customer interactions.

Integration with Microsoft 365

Elevate ServiceNow with Akoni's Microsoft 365 Integration, seamlessly merge service management with Microsoft 365 for efficient support.

Integration with Google Workspace

Elevate ServiceNow with Akoni's Google Workspace Integration, seamlessly unite service management with Google Workspace for.


Akoni is your trusted partner in the world of chatbots, where artificial intelligence meets seamless human interaction. Our seasoned team of chatbot developers, AI specialists, and UX designers crafts chatbots that set new standards in customer engagement and automation. 

Predefined Responses: Crafting Intelligent Chatbot Conversations

At Akoni, we excel in developing chatbots with predefined responses that elevate user interactions. Our experience in crafting intelligent chatbot conversations ensures that users receive accurate, informative, and helpful responses to common questions and scenarios.

User Input Handling: Seamless Interaction, Any Way You Choose

Our extensive experience in chatbot development includes expert user input handling. We ensure that your chatbot interacts seamlessly with users, regardless of whether they provide text, voice, or click-button input.

Error Handling: Smoothing the Path to Resolution

Experience has taught us that errors are part of any interaction. Our chatbots are equipped with robust error handling capabilities to provide users with alternative suggestions or gather necessary clarifications when issues arise.

Feedback Mechanism: Listening to User Voices

User feedback is invaluable. Akoni's chatbots include mechanisms for users to provide feedback, enabling you to gather insights and make continuous improvements.

Prompt Engineering

At Akoni, prompt engineering is our core expertise, where precision meets innovation. Our seasoned team of AI specialists, data scientists, and NLP experts excels in the art of crafting prompts that unlock the full potential of AI models. 

Clear and Contextual Prompts

We specialize in designing prompts that are clear, concise, and rich in context, ensuring AI models understand the task at hand.

Contextualization Mastery

Our expertise lies in providing context that guides AI models to generate contextually relevant responses, making interactions more meaningful.

Fine-Tuning for Excellence

We meticulously fine-tune prompts to align with your specific requirements, resulting in higher accuracy and efficiency.

Ongoing Optimization

Akoni doesn't stop at prompt engineering; we continuously optimize prompts and models to adapt to evolving needs, ensuring sustained performance.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Libraries

Akoni stands as a beacon of excellence in Natural Language Processing (NLP), where language and technology converge to redefine human-machine interactions. Our seasoned team of NLP specialists and linguists empowers businesses with the transformative capabilities of NLP. 

Sentiment Analysis:

NLP identifies and categorizes entities like names and dates in text, facilitating structured data extraction. NLP categorizes text into topics, simplifying content organization and assesses emotional tone in text, aiding in customer feedback analysis.

Language Generation:

NLP crafts human-like text, automating content creation.It converts text to speech, enhancing voice assistants and accessibility.

Language Translation:

NLP automates language translation, bridging language barriers and identifies text language, enabling personalized content delivery.

Information Retrieval:

NLP extracts structured data from unstructured text and efficiently finds relevant documents in response to queries.

Text Processing and Analysis:

NLP creates concise summaries of lengthy texts and identifies key themes within document collections.

Conversational AI:

NLP powers chatbots for natural language interactions and enables systems to understand and generate natural language responses in conversations.

Machine Learning APIs and Frameworks

Akoni leads the way in the realm of machine learning, where data-driven insights and innovation converge. Our seasoned team of machine learning engineers and data scientists harness the power of algorithms and data to deliver transformative solutions.

Advanced Algorithms

At Akoni, we leverage state-of-the-art algorithms to unlock patterns and insights hidden within your data.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

We specialize in turning raw data into actionable insights, guiding your business towards more informed and strategic decisions.

Custom Solutions

Akoni's approach is tailored to your unique needs. We craft custom machine learning models that align precisely with your business objectives.

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Akoni Technologies is a consulting company that solves business problems with digital workflows that matter. We work with our clients to understand their business needs and advise them on ways to efficiently use information technology to meet their business objectives and find solutions to overcome their obstacles thereby making them able to operate in a more efficient and cost-effective way.