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Explore Our Integrations

Explore our integration solutions and unlock a world of seamless connections, where data flows effortlessly to power your business and drive growth, all with simplicity and security

API & Data Integration Platforms



MuleSoft transforms streamlined workflows, real-time data, collaboration, and innovation. Unlock potential with seamless integration and connectivity.


Uncover Tibco's benefits real-time data, automation, enhanced experiences, and better decisions. Embrace the future with our solutions.


Leading data integration for agility, scalability, actionable insights. Transform data into value with Talend.


Jitterbit,Streamlined integration, enhanced automation, real-time insights. Empower productivity, agility, data-driven decisions with our advanced solutions.


Simplify workflows, connect apps seamlessly, automate tasks, boost productivity. Empower with integration for streamlined, efficient operations.

Azure Logic Apps

Azure Logic Automation meets innovation. Power your business with secure, efficient workflows. Discover the future of automation.

Payment Integration


Maximize efficiency with Sage integration, syncing data for growth, smarter decisions, and enhanced financial processes.


Boost business with Stripe integration,accept payments, manage subscriptions, and optimize financial operations for growth.


Elevate payments with WorldPay,seamless, secure, and efficient financial transactions to empower your business for success.

Apple Pay

Boost your payments with Apple Pay,secure, user-friendly, and streamlined transactions for your business success.

Amazon Pay

Elevate e-commerce with Amazon Pay, secure payments, enhanced user experiences, and optimized transactions for online success.

Google Pay

Elevate payment processing, Google Pay integration for seamless payments, enhanced user experiences, and optimized transactions. Empower success.

ERP Integrations



Enhance operations with SAP integration. Connect systems, streamline processes, and boost efficiency with advanced solutions.

Oracle NetSuite

Maximize Oracle NetSuite integration benefits: streamlined operations, enhanced finance, real-time insights, scalability, and lasting success.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Elevate your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration unified data, streamlined processes, actionable insights, and enhanced experiences..

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System



Explore endless possibilities with Salesforce integrations. Seamlessly connect your ecosystem, automate workflows, and empower your team for efficient, data-driven decision-making.

Microsoft Dynamics 365:

Elevate your Microsoft Dynamics 365 experience with seamless integrations. Connect your ecosystem, streamline operations, and unlock the full potential of your business processes.

Oracle CRM

Oracle CRM integration enhances customer relationships, streamlined processes, real-time insights, scalability, and data-driven decision-making. Empower your business with tailored integration solutions for lasting success.

Sage CRM

Elevate Sage CRM with seamless integrations. Connect your systems, streamline processes, and empower your team for enhanced customer relationships and operational efficiency.

E-commerce Platform



Enhance your Magento experience with seamless integrations. Connect your e-commerce ecosystem, automate tasks, and optimize customer experiences for a successful online business.


Unlock endless possibilities with Shopify integrations. Seamlessly enhance your online store's functionality, boost sales, and streamline operations with our diverse range of third-party apps and tools.

Salesforce Commerce

Experience unmatched benefits with Salesforce Commerce integrations. Enhance customer engagement, automate processes, and optimize your e-commerce operations for unparalleled growth and success in the digital marketplace.


Unlock BigCommerce's full potential with our diverse integrations. Streamline your e-commerce operations, enhance customer experiences, and scale your business effortlessly through our robust ecosystem of tools and apps.

CMS (Content Management System)



Maximize your Drupal CMS capabilities through our comprehensive integrations. Elevate content management, expand functionality, and optimize your online platform with our versatile range of integrated solutions.


Unlock the full potential of your WordPress CMS with our integrated solutions. Streamline content management, boost performance, and enhance user experiences for a powerful online presence.


Supercharge your business with Opentext Extended ECM integrations. Enhance productivity, reduce manual processes, and gain better control of your content management for improved collaboration and efficiency.

HRIS & Learning Management System



Optimize your HR processes with Workday HRIS integrations. Seamlessly connect and enhance your human resources management system, streamline workflows, and empower your workforce for greater efficiency.

Oracle HCM Cloud:

Amplify your HR capabilities with Oracle HCM Cloud integrations. Elevate workforce management, streamline processes, and unlock powerful insights for superior human capital management and organizational growth.

SAP SuccessFactors

Optimize your HR ecosystem with SAP SuccessFactors integrations. Seamlessly connect, streamline processes, and unlock the full potential of your human capital management for organizational excellence.

Blackboard Learn

Enhance your eLearning experience with Blackboard Learn LMS integrations. Expand capabilities, enrich content delivery, and elevate online education through our diverse range of integrated tools and solutions.


Unlock the advantages of Moodle LMS integrations. Elevate e-learning experiences, streamline administrative tasks, and empower educators with a versatile ecosystem for superior online education.

Adobe Captivate Prime:

Adobe Captivate Prime LMS with our integrations. Elevate training efficiency, enrich content delivery, and empower your organization with a versatile ecosystem for superior eLearning and development programs.

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Akoni Technologies is a consulting company that solves business problems with digital workflows that matter. We work with our clients to understand their business needs and advise them on ways to efficiently use information technology to meet their business objectives and find solutions to overcome their obstacles thereby making them able to operate in a more efficient and cost-effective way.